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Hollie L. Kleitz

Hollie L. Kleitz

Managing Partner

Hollie Kleitz is the Managing Partner and Founding Member of Continuum Pacific Real Estate, LLC. Ms. Kleitz started Continuum in 2007 as an investment and advisory company specializing in multifamily real estate projects. Ms. Kleitz brings 20+ years of multifamily development, capital markets and investment management experience to Continuum as the company expands its development activities in the Greater Houston multifamily market.

Continuum offers expertise in multifamily development and ownership to accredited investors seeking an alternative to traditional real estate investment structures. Most recently, Continuum was the exclusive developer for a commercial real estate client that sought to diversify its large commercial office and industrial portfolio with new multifamily assets. Continuum developed nine communities exceeding 2,100 units with project costs in excess of $250 million for the client in a period spanning five years. Since founding Continuum, Ms. Kleitz has had other significant opportunities to work with large national multifamily developers including Allied Orion Group in Houston, TX, Fore Properties in Las Vegas, NV and The Finger Companies in Houston, TX. Ms. Kleitz oversaw development of four multifamily projects that consisted of more than 1,100 units with project costs in excess of $230 million.

Ms. Kleitz began her career with Prudential's Real Estate Investment Bank in New York working on private equity placements, CMBS securitizations and IPOs of commercial real estate firms and has also overseen a large private equity fund’s multifamily portfolio of 20,000+ units with capitalization in excess of $2.2 billion.

Currently, Hollie serves on the Board of Directors of Collaborative for Children and serves other community organizations including Houston Zoo’s Asante Society, 12th Man Foundation, The Association of Former Students at Texas A&M University, and Houston Hobby Center. Hollie’s passion is advancing housing for the lives of low to moderate-income earning families through her professional and social contributions to the people and neighborhoods where she works, lives, and serves.

Ms. Kleitz earned an MBA at Texas A&M University and a BBA in Finance with a minor in Statistics from the University of Kentucky.

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